Sometimes I feel so lost, I don't belong anywhere. I feel as though I've lost all my dreams and I don't know what to hope for. How can I learn to listen to myself and my intuition? (3 minutes, 14 seconds)

Alana, how do I know what is the truth? How do I know who and what to believe? Just when I begin to believe in something, I start to doubt it. (5 minutes, 50 seconds)

I have drawn a situation to me for the third time where I have a ministerial partner who feels that they will be pushed to the side because of my willingness to be all that I can be. How do I maintain the integrity of my intention and still retain a trusting loving relationship? (3 minutes, 40 seconds)

I would like to know what I need to do to be more confident. My confidence was deflated when I was young and although I have glimpses, I cannot seem to maintain a respectable level to enjoy life and function in my career. (5 minutes, 57 seconds)

I am seeing someone right now and he's going through a divorce at this moment. My family is totally against me being with him. Is what I am doing wrong? (4 minutes, 01 seconds)

How do we know how to trust where the source of our actions are coming from; heart, mind, past programming, etc?