I've pretty much messed up my life. I can't pay my bills and owe more money than I've earned in my entire life. I'm depressed and suicidal. Is there any reason why I shouldn't just end my misery and start over? (4 minutes, 35 seconds)

Many times I get glimpses of new and greater understandings, including the coming of "Elderhood". Can you offer any insights into this sometimes excruciating dilemma and phase in the molting human process? (4 minutes, 16 seconds)

The recent death of my mother and (negative) change in my relationship with the love of my life has left me in such agony. I so desperately need an answer, a divine sign. (4 minutes, 19 seconds)

I have tried many times to re-create this (ecstatic) experience and accepted that it is just a sign post along the way. If I can create and/or co-create this, how and how often? (4 minutes, 47 seconds)