Sufi Story: Toad Teaches Problem Solving

This is a sweet story about a conversation between two frogs. One starts out with a problem, while the other frog listens and then cleverly presents a solution.

"I can't solve my problem ... what must I do to get what I want?" asked the frog.

"It seems to me that you are getting exactly what you want, and that you are solving your problem at every instant," replied the toad.

The toad explained, "You have a very strong need to have an insoluble problem. So you see, you are in fact very good at solving your problems."

The frog opened its mouth ... but for some reason it had lost the power of speech.

Copyright © by Jasmine Way

Moral of the Story: Be careful about what you dwell on! For the universe may respond by giving you exactly what you think!

This Sufi Story on the topic of problem solving was inspired by the living thought of Sufi poets and teachers such as Kahlil Gibran and Jalaluddin Rumi. These brief parables aim to provide an insight into the psychology of the path. A world where effect comes before cause and silence is the key to being heard.

In a sense, no-sense is the only sense.