Healing Really Happens

I think that the single motivating factor that placed me on the spiritual path this lifetime, was the fact of my younger brother's handicap. He was born paralyzed from the waist down and with water on the brain. Throughout his childhood, he underwent dozens of surgeries to correct various physical problems. By the time he reached puberty though, the family began to wonder if he wasn't just being used as an experimental piece of meat, something to be butchered. Doctors were far more seriously questioned from that point forward, and the number of surgeries were drastically reduced.

Prayer was a way of life. My mother and I constantly included Ronnie in all of our prayers for healing. I learned at an early age to envision physical healing for someone else.

Although other circumstances intervened between Ronnie and his physical healing, I have been honored to see and sometimes participate in remarkable healings of others. They have all involved a counseling process, though of different types. I know that other types of spiritual healings take place as well, but somehow they haven't been part of my experience.

When I was 17, I had joined one of those "cults" that had us give up our normal lives and live the philosophy we were being trained in. This particular philosophy had some solid benefits, as I was to observe.

Shortly after I joined the group, a man started coming for paid therapy sessions. He couldn't have been more than 30 years old, with severe curvature of the spine. His normal posture made him quite capable of touching his toes all the time, as well as being twisted off to the left. He came for (quite expensive) sessions at least twice a week. After the first month, his back sloped at about a 45 degree angle instead of his typical right angle. Progress slowed down a bit after that, but within two more months he was fully upright, and 4 months after that, he had complete rotation of his spine (he could voluntarily twist around in either direction). There was no outward sign that there had ever been a problem.

This was my first exposure to healing through past life regression techniques. I went on to receive extensive training in these techniques myself, and had several healings to my account in this way. Chronic asthma, rapid healing of bone breaks (two weeks or less), and the less dramatic healings of colds and flu.

Later, after moving on from that particular modality, I learned some techniques from the writings of Seth, a channeled entity. These weren't so much counseling techniques, as guided meditations, directing the client to care for their body in a visualized manner. I had spoken with several people who had received this sort of aid, and they attested to significant healings of a variety of life-threatening illnesses. When I began practicing it I had several heart-warming healings of cancer occur.

Many years later, I was taught just enough about energy work to be dangerous (to say it humorously), and developed some techniques of my own, combining all the different types of training I'd had. With this I've helped to heal cysts, calcified bone tissue and of course, cancer.

My point here is not what I've done, but what the clients have done for themselves. Although I would never recommend that one avoid a properly licensed medical practitioner for illnesses and ailments, treatment can most certainly be aided by spiritual counseling techniques. At this point I've used so many, that I no longer think that it matters which type is used, as long as it's something the client is comfortable with. In my experience, it has always been the client who has healed themselves. Given motivation, direction and faith, I am convinced that physical healing can take place when aided by spiritual counseling.

I think that it's important we be reminded of these everyday miracles that take place in our world. Hearing of these helps us hold onto our faith and be willing to experiment with the wonderful alternatives that are available today. Also, as a therapist, I was trained to enter every session expecting a miracle. And that's how it is.

Copyright © 2000 by Jeri Nobel