The Rose Garden: Nature's Teacher of Unconditional Love

I have been a volunteer to a particular person offering my services for quite a long time. Many times, despite of my sincere attempts to make this person happy, it so happened their responses were mostly passive with distrust to divine energy. Many times this was brought to my attention. My repeated suggestions to have gratitude towards God yielded no results. Recently I had a little argument on a silly matter, which I could have avoided. I didn't understand why I was holding on and was so hesitant to ask for a small request.

That same evening I realized my mistake and went ahead and did my duty. Immediately I was relieved. I was tense on that evening, but the next morning, as I usually do, I went to my rose garden. As usual there were some beautiful roses in my garden but they seemed to be laughing at me. I suddenly became curious. I went closer to them to see that some of them were affected by some type of infection. It was clear that I was careless with them and despite this neglect the plants were still giving colorful and joyful roses. I looked inside myself and suddenly it flashed on me of what a fool I am, I have forgotten natures biggest secret. To give without knowing to whom you have given and why! I realized that it was my ego which was holding me back and this is where I went wrong. My plants taught me the real lesson of meditation: unconditional acceptance. What I was doing was conditional. Now the light has come to me and I shall serve in a more energetic way without expecting the outcome to come from where I think it should. My real practice of Meditation has begun from this day only.

Copyright © by Sateesh Chirputkar