Baba Meher - The Silent Master

I read one book of Paul Brunton on Spiritual Discovery of India. This author met so many great masters in India. None of them are alive now, however those masters have left a rich heritage behind them.

One such master was Baba Meher. I had a strong desire to see his shrine, but I never thought it would ever be a reality. My daughter and I were going to my sister-in-laws place for a function. Our driver was in a hurry to make a stop for tea on the way. For some reason I keep postponing us when suddenly I saw an ordinary hotel while we were in route. I asked the driver to stop the car without knowing why I had done so. When we sat for tea we noticed a big photo of one of the Masters hanging on the wall of the hotel.

I asked the hotel owner who the gentleman was. He told me that he was the Master Baba Meher. I asked him why he had his photo up. He told us he regularly visited his shrine. Out of an urge, I asked him if he was telling me that his shrine was somewhere near here. He replied that it was located just opposite to his hotel. That the one road goes inside the village and there is his shrine.

Needless to say my daughter and I went there. We sat in the prayer hall and mediated there. It was a wonderful experience. I learned that he was a great man by himself. An important aspect of his life was that he remained silent from 1925 till his death in 1969.

From available books and articles in newspapers I gathered the gist of the importance of silence. These are his own words.

"When the hearts are apart words are needed to communicate. When hearts are together no words are needed. Words create differences and distances. Silence binds and brings harmony. Silence in its purest form is one's own self. It is the feeling of God within. Silence is meditation. Silence is energy without words, without mind. In it, it helps us to find answers to our questions and paths to our destination.

God does not speak and He communicates with all, all the time. It is not the words, but feeling. Whether it be of liking, of loving, of appreciating, of understanding that is what matters. Feeling can vibrate and reach others without having to utter a single word. As the unspoken has greater power than the spoken."

On his tomb the following is inscribed:

--Things that are real are given and taken in silence.

Copyright © by Sateesh Chirputkar