Inspirational Short Stories and Articles for Self Development

Here are a few more sweet inspirational stories. We have also added a section of articles to help with life purpose and self development.

We hope you enjoy our diverse collection of short stories and articles to invoke your senses. Please click an underlined link to visit your story of choice.

More Inspirational Short Stories

The Heart That Receives - A fairytale about discovering one's inner beauty, by Sandy.

Things Aren't Always What They Seem - A story about two traveling angels.

An inspiring story by William Oak, excerpted from his book, "For Love or Nothing."

A Collection of Thought Provoking Quotes, submitted by Margo Polo.

Healing Really Happens - A personal journey with past life regression, submitted by Jeri Nobel.

A heartwarming story about the power of passion, submitted by Fauquier football coach Joe Maurelli.

A story about healing: Reiki and the Two Fawns is a personal account, by Kellie Kelly.

Return to the Heart - A true story about how a song made a difference, by Sang Le.

An incredible story about Lea Lakeside-Scott, and her amazing mission to help abused kids by creating the Hope Dolls Project.

Inspirational Personal Development Articles

Let us join together to Support the Healing of Abuse throughout the world.

The Stars Tell the Unforeseen Story, written by KatRama Brooks about the US 2000 Presidential Election.

Journaling: A Written Journey of the Soul - Aan article about journaling thoughts, by Donna Schwender.

The Practice of Self-Love - An self awareness article by Kirk.

Thinking Big Vs. Thinking Small - A goal setting article by Kirk.

Activities for Invoking Fun & Play - A fun approach to life, by Kirk.

Personal Mission Development: Non-Negotiable Values & Needs, by Kirk.