Invoking Fun and Play!

Here are some fun and positive "life fueling" activities.

Do you find yourself lacking motivation or feeling a bit depressed? Especially if you have been spending time watching television, relating to the media, or feeling overwhelmed by world events. The media has the tendency to focus in on the negative, which can often create blocks in our energy and dim our lights!

Here is a list of some possible suggestions for moving your energy to fuel more fun, play and creativity:

1. Spend time relating to nature and connect with animals.

2. Get your camera out and take some fun pictures of friends and loved ones you adore. Memories are moments we can treasure forever.

3. Go for a bicycle ride or walk with a friend. While you're pedalling or walking along, make a decision to talk about only inspirational things.

4. Plan an indoor picnic with a group of like-minded friends! After you eat, get out one of your favorite games and have some fun.

5. Attend a motivational talk at a local bookstore or other location.

6. Create a book study group. Everyone can simply read a book that is devoted to creating a peaceful and loving planet prior to the meeting. Then you can all discuss it and share your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

7. Go to the craft store and buy some finger paints. You will be laughing in no time! The paper you do the finger paintings on makes great wrapping paper or greeting cards. If finger paints don't appeal to you, just pick something else and enjoy yourself.

8. If you don't have children, borrow a friend's child for a couple hours and do something that they like to do! You will definitely learn something.

9. Whenever you connect with someone during the day, make an intention to invite laughter into the conversation. See how silly you can get.

10. Bake something good and healthy, and share it with a neighbor or friend. Perhaps this would be a way to introduce yourself to a neighbor you haven't yet met.

11. Go swimming at a local pool and treat yourself to a smoothie or health drink afterwards!

12. Go shopping with a friend and buy each other a token of your appreciation for each other! Shopping and gift giving always brightens the day!

And most importantly, just have fun!

-- by Kirk