A Walk in the Woods

Those who know me also know that I live on Whidbey island, in Washington in the woods, and that I take a walk each day into these woods to help keep me grounded. I find that a particularly large Alder Tree is very comforting to me!

Anyway, back to my story. Each time I walk up into the woods I bring along stones to offer the Deva of the forest, namely Thulite for compassion/nurturing and a small quartz crystal to offer clarity and to enhance the energy of the Thulite. Another thing I do is to chant Karuna Reiki Symbols while I am walking--Karuna Reiki is another form of Reiki. The main symbol that I use is aah-eee-vah. This symbol resonates with the animal world, especially the wild animals that live among us.

fawnsThis day was a typical one, doing my chanting and walking when I came across a really nice open area where I felt like sitting down to meditate for a few moments. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sun felt so good on my face that I just decided to sit there for sometime, gently and quietly chanting aah-eee-vah. Finally I decided to open my eyes and there right in front of me were two twin bambies staring at me like I was crazy! Of course they new me by my voice. These are some of the deer that come into my yard each day for a treat, namely an apple or cracked corn. It was so funny that these little critters of nature universally understand the chanting. A couple minutes later, old Daisy, the bambies mom sauntered in to check out who was making all of the noise in their woods!

Needless to say I totally believe that the wild life hear and understand the Karuna Symbol for animals. This is just one of the magical things that has happened to me over the years of living a peaceful existence on the Island. I will have to tell you my Great Horned Owl story next!

So, the moral of this story is to use your healing tools, you never know what will manifest!

Crystal Deva

crystal devaKellie, the Crystal Deva, is also a gemologist and you can learn more about her by visiting her web site, AvalonCrystals.com, or you can email Kellie at crystals@whidbey.com.

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