The Stars Tell the Unforeseen Story

A Mythic Moment on the Stage of History - Beautifully ordered chaos--The aftermath of the 2000 Presidential Election

The Players

Mercury, Libra-Scorpio, Sun, Midheaven - 10th, 11th and 1st Houses, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, and a Grand Trine of the Air Signs.

The Stage is Set ... The Story Unfolds

On election day November 7th, 2000, Mercury was in its waning hours of retrograde in the sign of Libra, symbolized by "The Scales" representing justice, fairness, and balance. Feed Libra any rigid, dogmatic opinion and the sign quickly generates an opposing view. Tell it that the political left holds all the answers; Libra applauds the wisdom of the right. Tell it the conservatives will save the country; it points out all the virtues of liberalism. Truth for this sign is always a balancing act; every truth is balanced by an equal but opposite truth composed of two half-truths. Libra tolerates a paradox. In the realm of the mind, a tolerance for paradox is wisdom. But in everyday life, it often means indecision.

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Mercury went Direct at 9:25PM (EST) that same evening and joined the Sun in the sign of Scorpio the following day on November 8th. The Scorpion holds dark secrets, keeps pertinent information undercover, is devious, manipulative, obsessively controlling, feeds on power struggles, and is delighted in high orgasmic drama.

The Chart for the "morning after" calculated for Washington DC shows the Sun and Mercury in the 10th house; the Sun conjunct the Midheaven all in Scorpio.

The 10th house, when successfully navigated, reveals self-expression, status in the community and the world, and a sense of fulfilling one's destiny for the higher good.

Unsuccessfully navigated, the 10th house manifests obsession with power, status, and appearances by a self-centered coldly calculating drive for fame and greatness without considering adverse effects on others.

Pluto, the rascal, makes his entrance stage left in the 11th House, placing himself opposite to Jupiter. My favorite astrologer Caroline Casey describes Pluto's glyph as "the circle of spirit being cooked in the crucible or transformed in the Grail".

Pluto is ruthless. In Pluto's realm there is no safety in the fiction of a fixed identity we created out of external stage props: lifestyle, status, position, illusions of power, and fame. He dismantles and breaks down all that no longer serves (the Electoral College system perhaps?). We get pulled down into the underworld, stripped naked to find our own authentic path, and forced to leave the coziness of the "known". When seemingly dependable resources come tumbling down around us, we are forced to look deeper and transform. I often define Pluto as the "Cosmic Colonic" ("Colonics" is a colon cleansing process). Going deep into the dysfunctional patterns of individuals, society, nations, Pluto cleanses the "imprinted templates" to the core. This can be a harrowing experience. However, when it's over, we get to dance with the gods.

Having said all that, let us see what Pluto is up to transiting the 11th and 10th Houses.

In the 11th House, truth-saying and group-healing is possible; any illusory hopes, wishes, and goals are disarmed. We have no choice but to follow what we believe in; find others who are devoted to the same cause and principles, join with them, and together begin to live the values we share.

On November 13th Pluto transitions into the 10th house staying there through mid December.

The 10th House is often addressed as "the House of Honor", "The House of Destiny", and "The House of the Great Tyrannical Leaders". When navigated consciously, this House provides a sense of mission or destiny. Astrologer Steven Forrest describes: "For a community or a nation, it calls out to follow the higher road; it requires leadership. It requires a courageous man or woman to speak out clearly about popular lies and their costs--and to define a better way! The higher destiny of this house involves touching that larger community in a Plutonian way: representing some fierce truth and fighting the trench wars for its communal realization."

When navigated unconsciously, we live a fear-based illusory reality, are molded by social power, are swept away by the glitzy role of "the most powerful man in the world", and can end up working for the "bad guys". Dictatorship and tyrannical leadership set a nation up to ultimately self-destruct.

The Pluto/Jupiter opposition in this election circus sets in motion a false vision, the archetype of the Dark King emerging, imposing limitations, and grand power struggles mixed with control and manipulative strategies to win no matter what.

Navigated consciously, the Pluto/Jupiter opposition claims a real sense of destiny; the energy demands glory through real accomplishments and a sense of true freedom that allows expansion wherever required.

Enter Mars in Libra in the 8th House painting a perfect picture of the election drama as it seethes with the stench of cover-ups, control and power struggles, and each candidate salivating to be the next U.S. President.

Enter Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius in the 1st house. Neptune the amorphous, fluid unstructured vast energy; as the trickster and deluder, has everyone guessing "what's real and what's illusion?" Uncertainty lingers in the foggy unknown future. In the 1st House Neptune is awakening a higher consciousness in the collective to transmute confusion into clarity for a new beginning through insights into the unreal.

Uranus "the awakener" strikes unexpectedly, quick as lightning, the revolutionary, the freedom fighter, the rebel, the genius, and the humanitarian continuously allowing the unexpected to unfold.

Uranus' electric energy burns with the intent to face issues so change can take place. In the 1st House Uranus screams out for personal sovereignty and freedom, making change inevitable.

As the curtain is about to drop, we notice The Grand Trine in Air Signs always depicting the machination of the mind, analyzing, figuring out, and bringing new ideas and solutions into the arena of conflict.

This Grand Trine reveals a complex weaving in the works: the news media, Republicans, Democrats, and other possible third political parties, along with thousands on the Internet and the streets having their own opinions, wanting to be heard loud and clear. Minds run rampant with a myriad of ideas to solve the undecided Presidential Election.

So here you have it--a script and story that only the stars see clearly!

Whenever--however--this is resolved, in the BIG PICTURE, a perfect solution is in the making!

To Summarize

In this story the choreographed dance of planets, signs, and the Grand Air Trine depict the synchronicity of the times we live in, the inevitable changes that can't KatRama Brookswait to take place; ignited, triggered, in the new millennium to initiate us to a higher level of consciousness.

We give thanks to KatRama for sharing her astrological insights about the confusion with the recent Presidential Election.

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