Creating Compatible Relationships: Quiz for a Relationship - Part 2

A simple quiz for a relationship that both partners can share in involves self examination. Since shared values are the basis of relationship compatibility, I am providing a list of words for each of you to sort to help you identify how you compare.

This is a simple exercise that I think will help you become clear about what's truly important to you (your values). Please sort the following list in order of importance to *you*:

  • flexibility
  • power
  • love
  • money
  • friendship
  • kindness
  • success
  • honesty
  • wealth
  • safety
  • adventure
  • sensuality
  • freedom
  • prestige
  • sensitivity
  • health
  • beauty
  • control
  • patience
  • gentleness
  • education
  • courage
  • world peace
  • creativity
  • strength
  • persistence
  • fame
  • generosity
  • loyalty
  • sex
  • joy
  • simplicity

Use a dictionary and settle on a specific definition if you need to. As you do this exercise, more words will probably come to mind. Just sort them in. If your list is getting really messy, write one word per Post-It note and just move them around. Know that you might want to continue making changes to your list as you gain new insight. This exercise is an ongoing process, just like your life.

Would you like to receive insight about how compatible you may be with a given person? Just request that they also do the exercise. If they don't want to, realize that action, and inaction, is a clear communication about what is important (and unimportant).

Sharing this self awareness exercise together as a relationship quiz, to identify shared values is a wonderful relationship building tool. Further more, discussing each others values in more depth will help each of you better understand one another. The quiz may also raise flags if you find that your values are on the opposite end of the spectrum. You may learn why you were attracted to each other and what you might be teaching one another. When we attract opposites, we are often wanting to heal some aspect of our nature where we wish more self examination and awareness.

By Kirk

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