Career and Life Purpose: Making Money Work

I was corresponding with a friend regarding her career and life purpose. She's intuitive, talented, and hard working. However, she's had many job struggles--like most of us--bridging into work that truly gives her joy. I thought you might enjoy listening in:

"Remember, it's just an illusionary perception that one's purpose and making money are opposites. Polarity perceptions like 'business = money and spiritual = poverty' create confusion. When you have hints regarding what brings you the most joy--your purpose--and take consistent, playful action, you begin to move the energy toward creation. Your life purpose often isn't what your mind perceives it to be. You can't know what it is until you're immersed in the energy of pleasant action (yes, there are sometimes "hard" parts too). When you are moving in the fun of what you love, the next steps open up from there (and they're most often a surprise).

At first, let go of any business model or structured plan. Just begin to move toward mastery of activities you love to do. Then, as you lay the foundation by becoming skilled at thoughts and actions that bring value to others, others will pay you well to play well. People love to flow money to people who are doing what they love, and thus providing positive benefits. But don't focus on providing positive benefits at the outset. Start with immersing yourself, as much as you can, in experiments that give you feedback on what you LOVE to be, do, and have.

You may think you know your purpose, but perhaps your mind is in the way. You have hints, but too much thought and too little action create a kind of mental constipation; analysis paralysis. Our minds don't really have a clue at first. Ask your mind's money-making worries and previously-reinforced strategies to sit quietly on the sidelines Then, as you continue creating with the energy of enjoyment, your mind will move from passive observer to excited fan!

The world is full of people with money who will pay you well to play, since they will receive positive benefits from your expressions. Perhaps you need 'a job' to pay the bills as you explore. So be it. Do that job each day with as much positive, enthusiastic energy as you can muster to aviod job struggles. If that job is funding your 'life purpose discovery experiments', do that job well and create gratitude for the opportunity. Find ways to do your current work exquisitely and with joy. This energy will act as a powerful magnet to attract work that you will find to be even more fulfilling. The key is to discover what you LOVE to do, by taking small, experimental action steps each day, and then doing more and more of what feels really good to you."

By Kirk