Marriage Advice: The New Couple

"The New Couple: Why the Old Rules Don't Work and What Does," by Maurice Taylor, Seana McGee.

With fifty percent of marriages ending in divorce and the ever-increasing numbers of "trial" marriages, serial monogamists, and "scared singles," attaining a happy, long-lasting relationship can seem hopelessly out of reach. Conventional relationship advice promises such fulfillment in love, but really only adds to the confusion, anxiety, blame, and heartbreak. Where can couples turn when the old rules don't work anymore? Seana McGee and Maurice Taylor, couple educators and husband-and-wife psychotherapist team, have an answer and they share it in their book, The New Couple: Why the Old Rules Don't Work and What Does.

Book Review

"This is a challenging book for those who are or have struggled in relationships. It introduces "10 new laws of love" which demand individuals to take a good look at their own participation in the struggle or conflicts that can arise in ones relationships again and again. These new laws are powerful and effective; offering the opportunity for incredible, positive growth for individuals and for couples.

I recommend taking these laws slowly and cautiously. If any individual is in a lot of emotional pain due to life or relationship circumstances during the reading of this book, they may want to consult a therapist or do couples counseling to discuss some of the issues brought to light. If one is ready for change and clarity in their life and in their relationships then The New Couple has many positive exercises to help one get started."

Review by Joy Lee Zepeda