The Spirituality Series

The following links will take you to different topics on Spirituality. We hope that you enjoy the various formats from topic dialogues, articles of interest, and related questions and answers. We also share some reviews of books we feel may be helpful on the various topics.

As we develop The Spirituality Series, you will find information to help you discover your life purpose, embrace your intuition, truly love yourself, find inner peace, create a joyful future, nurture your body, improve your relationships, and connect with your angels and guides?

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Embrace Your Intuition - Opening and Balancing Chakras

  1. Part One- Developing Intuition Through Chakra Balancing
  2. Part Two- Developing Intuition Through Chakra Balancing
  3. Follow up question: Discerning Empowerment from Selfishness

Improve Your Relationships - Articles and Books

  1. The Secret to Happy Relationships?
  2. Relationship Compatibility: Quiz for a Relationship - Part 1
  3. Creating Compatible Relationships: Quiz for a Relationship - Part 2
  4. Creating Compatible Relationships: Quiz for a Relationship - Part 3
  5. Developing Healthy Relationships: Non-Negotiable Needs
  6. "The New Couple: Why the Old Rules Don't Work and What Does," by Maurice Taylor, Seana McGee.

Finding Balance - Overcoming Fear - Creating Inner Peace

  1. Cure for Boredom: Active Learning
  2. Creating a Balanced Life: Nourishment for the Body, Mind and Soul
  3. 7 Human Emotions: Plus or Minus a Few
  4. Making Eye Contact: The Eyes are the Window to the Soul
  5. Overcoming Fear: A Guided Self Meditation
  6. Getting the Courage to Overcome our Fears

Self Development - Finding Life Purpose - Creating a Joyful Future

  1. Finding Life Purpose: Making Money Work
  2. 4 Steps for Success: Life Purpose and Goal Setting
  3. Building Trust in Relationships: Developing Communication Skills