Developing Intuition Through Chakra Balancing

Part 2: More on the Chakras (energy centers) and how they relate to intuition and spiritual guidance.

Green Green Heart Chakra Heart Chakra

Kirk: The fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra. Alana, from the information you've been sharing, we're beginning to understand the importance of this chakra in connecting with our intuition so that we can gather information from spirit. The Heart Chakra relates to air and is where we feel compassion and unity of our masculine and feminine energy. Where we define peace. Would I be correct in saying that it is through this Chakra that we learn how to practice self-love?

Alana: Yes. However, we have to balance our Solar Plexus Chakra with our Heart Chakra. When the Solar Plexus Chakra moves beyond duality and begins to discern--rather than merely judge--it allows the two to develop a harmonious state. The Heart Chakra then has a foundation to open to greater levels of love. Spiritual energy is just that: love.

I would also like to mention that when we seemingly isolate the Heart Chakra from the lower Chakra's, and only connect with our intuition and spirit from this restricted heart state, we then miss out on the richness of life. We would be likely to connect with spiritual resources that were of a puritan nature. Can you imagine a Goddess or God that didn't embrace learning? Or an enlightened master that believed there was no purpose to life?

So it is important to embrace our full body energy spectrum and allow our Heart Chakra, which we may also think of as our Love Center, to be gifted with the foundation that our full body energy spectrum can provide. When this happens the Heart Chakra becomes a magnificent doorway to spirit, and draws to it multidimensional resources that are in alignment with the whole and the creative purpose of existence. This is also where we develop clairsentience (clear feeling).

Kirk: Thank you, Alana. Now I am starting to sense the interrelationship between the chakras and why it is so important to focus on the Heart Chakra's connection with our other energy centers. I have always been attracted to emotional healing work. I was intrigued how, as people released their wounds, they became more empowered and appeared so much lighter. Balance and integration definitely supports our connection to spirit, and ultimately, love.

Alana: Yes, exactly.

Blue Blue Throat Chakra Throat Chakra

Kirk: Okay, let's discuss the next chakra. The fifth chakra, also known as the Throat Chakra, relates to sound. Since it is located in the throat, it connects us to communication, self-expression, and represents language. Through awareness of this chakra, we are able to sense the world through vibration.

Alana: Clairaudience (clear hearing) is also related to the Throat Chakra. When aligned with the Heart Chakra and the full body energy spectrum, it heightens our ability to hear intuitively. For example, connecting with the whales and dolphins is heightened by sensing through the Throat Chakra, for these beings are so very aligned with vibration and sound.

However, when the Throat Chakra acts independently and discounts the Heart Chakra, we may develop a connection with spirit but not necessarily draw on what is essential. Remember when I mentioned putting out the TV antennae to see what channels we might receive? Many entities want to communicate, and they have much to say. If a person opens up this chakra to spirit without first aligning with the Heart Chakra and what is essential, the energy that responds could be a bit overwhelming and ungrounding at times.

Kirk: It sounds like having many TV's blaring away at the same time and not really being able to listen to the program you want to watch.

Alana: That's a wonderful analogy. Thank you, Kirk.

Indigo Indigo Third Eye Chakra Third Eye Chakra

Kirk: Next we have the sixth Chakra, which we refer to as our Third Eye Chakra. Many people think this is where our psychic ability resides, since this chakra is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively.

Alana: Yes, this is where we develop clairvoyance (clear seeing), which is one of our psychic senses. When we tap into our ability to see through the Third Eye Chakra, it opens up our awareness of other dimensions and realms. In the 1960's there was a collective intention to awaken this energy spectrum in humanity. Mind-altering drugs such as LSD emerged during this time. Humanity wanted to collectively begin to perceive the bigger picture of who we truly are. Those who didn't have a grounded heart and experimented with mind-altering drugs may have had some pretty bad experiences. It is much healthier to awaken this center naturally and in alignment with the full body energy spectrum. Seeing into the nonphysical realms without heart based guidance and balance can stir up some very scary images. I must also mention that a true Shaman knows how to awaken this chakra in powerful and safe ways.

Purple Purple Crown Chakra Crown Chakra

Kirk: Alana, the seventh and last chakra is the Crown Chakra, which relates to thought. It is our connection to timelessness and all-knowing wisdom. Why wouldn't we want to just center in the Crown Chakra and ask for our intuitive guidance from only this place?

Alana: That's a helpful question, Kirk. We wouldn't have developed the structure to attain the wisdom, nor to ground it into usefulness on earth. Focus on the Crown Chakra is wonderful to attain bliss, enlightenment, and expand one's consciousness to embrace true divine spiritual presence. And...we also have to keep in mind that we are living beings who have a purpose while in our bodies. You see, heaven wishes to align with earth, not be separated from it. When the Heart Chakra becomes the door, and is aligned with the full body energy spectrum, the Crown Chakra will open with a healthy structure to support it. The Heart Chakra will support regulating the amount of light your personal vibration is able to integrate and support. If the Crown Chakra where to open fully without support of the entire energy spectrum, it would be very difficult for the person to remain sane. They could lose all perspective, and dissociate from their body and the beauty of their life. Their body might not be ready to hold their multidimensional awareness.

Kirk: Is this why some people experience mental disorders? Have they tapped into their deeper senses without balance?

Alana: This can be one reason. But there are many things to also consider.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana. Do you have anything to say before we close?

Alana: Yes. I wish for all to fully reach into their being in ways that are supportive of their vast natures. I wish for all to truly understand their divinity, as well as their uniqueness. Within each of us are incredible resources that wish to help us love ourselves and connect that state of love to all our brothers and sisters and all living things. By developing balance in our lives and allowing the Heart Chakra to be the door to All-That-Is, we awaken from a sleepy state of limiting perceptions into a powerful state of love and wholeness. Thank you for dialoging with me, and may peace prevail.

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