Cure for Boredom: Active Learning

If you've been feeling bored, stagnant, dull, tired, dried up, lethargic, uninspired, or indifferent lately, I have a simple two-part suggestion for you to help provide a cure for boredom: First, write down a list of subjects that you would like to study. Second, take action!

Sign up for a course, purchase and study a new book, or spend some time in a library reading. If you've somehow fallen into the TV "couch potato" habit, turn the darn thing off and get busy learning something new. Yes, you can learn from television programs. But, as you most likely know, watching TV is a PASSIVE activity. Instead of sitting and looking at a screen, get yourself involved in some ACTIVE learning. Even reading your favorite type of fiction book--or a new genre that tickles your curiosity--is a much more ACTIVE experience and will stretch your mind (and maybe your heart too). Learning something new, or building on your existing knowledge and skills--is a great way to bring new enthusiasm into your life!

Oh...did I hear you say that you're too busy? Well, nearly everyone can find at least a half hour per day to do some form of ACTIVE learning. If you can't, I recommend you take a close look at your life and make some changes. Look for some of the classic "time robbers"--TV being at the top of the list.

If you like to write, maybe its time to build on your fiction writing skills and submit a short story for publication. If you like to make things, try a class in crafts or jewelry making. Learning something new that interests you doesn't make you more tired, it gives you more energy. Here is a positive motivational quote to spur you along:

"Only action has the ability to turn knowledge into wisdom." --Dan Millman

A cure for boredom is to take a simple action one step at a time and active learning provides direction and stimulus!

By Kirk