Finding a Soul Mate Series: What is a Soul Mate?

Question: Alana, could we begin by asking perhaps what is probably the most basic question, "What is a soul mate?"

Answer: It is delightful to discuss the subject of soul mates because they are a wonderful gift that we give ourselves. A soul mate is a relationship that wishes to express itself through our life experiences. You could say they are a vibrational relationship that we choose to bring into our life, through an agreement made by both parties to continue to share soul experiences.

Soul Mates often share very compatible vibrations, yet sometimes you may find they come into your life to help you learn something about yourself. There are many different arrangements and agreements between soul mates; and it is very exciting to go through one's life and to see how many soul mates one can attract.

It is quite possible to have many soul mates. It is unusual to only have one. The confusion sometimes exists within ourselves when we think that there is primarily only one and we only have one chance to ever meet them, and if we miss that chance, then we are alone forever for the rest of our life. This is not the case. We are beings that exist eternally; therefore, we have had many relationships in many different realms. Through these expressions, we have created many agreements, and we have created many successful combinations of relationships that seek to continue to learn, grow, and play together. There are many possibilities for creating and finding a soul mate, to know and to express as a soul mate as well.

Soul Mates do exist. Soul Mates are real. You can know this if you go into your heart and feel whom you are. If you go into your heart and feel yourself fully, you can tell that your nature is a soul mate vibration as well. Otherwise, you wouldn't be wondering if there is a fantastic relationship out there for you! If you question whether soul mates are real then you are assured that they are, and your quest for finding a soul mate is the first step in creating one.

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