Finding a Soul Mate Series: Are Twin Souls the Same as a Soul Mate?

Questioner: Alana, many of us have heard the term twin souls and I'm wondering if that's the same as soul mate?

Alana: No, a twin soul is not exactly the same as a soul mate. The nature of the terms does overlap. For instance, you may have a twin soul that is a soul mate vibration. But a twin soul has a very special connection. A twin soul shares an aspect of you. Twin souls may appear as two separate beings in the physical, or you may sense them as vibrations that have been together in one expression, and then for various purposes split into two expressions. This way they can gain greater experiences and explore more aspects of creativity. They are much like one being expressed in two bodies. If you were to track back, you might find one intention and one desire to express.

Reflecting on that desire or intention you can understand how this may take the form of a body, and then two bodies if you can imagine that. Imagine that as a possibility. Or imagine that two individual expressions who are twin souls shared experience in the non-physical and then split when they took on the form of a physical body. We are grand beings, and very creative. We are much more than this body you see with your eyes, or feel with your touch. We do exist on many other levels simultaneously. As one elevates their vibration and becomes more aware of their fullness, and the capacity of their nature to exist in vaster ways, they can begin to recognize greater expressions of their soul.

As you elevate your vibration-as you become lighter-as you become more open to blending and allowing love to fill your heart, you will begin to tap into a reservoir of energy within. Your heart will guide you to deeper and greater understanding of the existence that exists within, and the many aspects of your nature.

Questioner: It seems to me like you are saying a twin soul was once aware of their shared existence, and now they are expressing what appears as two independent beings.

Alana: It would seem so. However, perhaps, two are really one.

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