Finding a Soul Mate Series: Alana Summarizes the Soul Mate Experience

Questioner: Alana, as we wrap up this delightful series I would appreciate it if you would summarize this topic of soul mates for our readers and give those who are seeking a soul mate relationship some words of encouragement.

Alana: For starters, I invite you to celebrate your nature.When you connect with another individual allow yourself to get out of you and really experience them. At the same time when you doing this your self awareness ,your authenticity will allow you to fully be in the experince. You won't be continually checking into yourself sorting, and trying determine your nature. You will be fully in alignment with your individuality and thus able to be present with them. When you are fully present your able to listen and sense their essence. This gives you a greater sense of the experience ofthe moment and ability to explore their nature. This gives a greater probability of determining where and how they fit into your life.

Also, recognize that soul mate vibrations meet an individual on a spiritual level. In other words when you feel their nature you feel a comfort from the connection of your hearts. Or, you feel comfortable when in their presence because you can talk about spiritual principles or spiritual ideas that you find you share.

Sometimes a soul mate will enter your life first as a dear friendship. As friends your emotions will feel safe. Soul Mate vibrations often express by supporting each other. It is rare that soul mates come together first on a physical realm. In other words, it is rare that two vibrations that are soul mates experience their connection as pure magnetism or a magnetic attraction just on the physical plane as the primary connection. This is because their relationship has been bonded from the soul level, which is a higher light, or a higher frequency than the physical plane.

Alana is not discounting physical attraction or saying that it is unimportant. I am just saying that it the denser connection and less likely to be the thread of a soul mate relationship. Also recognize, that when two people come together from the spirit realm, from an emotional place, they can then build deeper trust in this life. They can build compatibility and a greater understanding of each other. They can have greater compassion for one another, too. It is much easier for a lighter vibration to move down and become dense for a spiritual union to then become an expression of emotions, then to become an expression of mental connection, and then to become physically attracted than it is for a physical relationship to move into the spiritual realm together.

Therefore when you meet somebody and find you are very physically attracted to them, it may be a momentary relationship that is more primal in nature. In other words, it may be one that could pass quite quickly. Yes, it is also possible that this could still reveal a soul mate relationship. The two involved could still elevate their connection from the physical into the mental, into the emotional, and to the spiritual. This is actually how soul mate relationships are often created. This can take lifetimes of learning and growing together. So why not reap the rewards of those whom are already clearly soul mate relationships that are free to express without a lot of karma, or need to cycle through many existences. Why not enjoy the nature of love with those you encounter who are truly aligned with your authenticity, and share compatibility and soul recognition. There will still be many relationships to encounter in life that will gradually grow through this life's experience, into future lives, to learn that love is our true path.

Questioner: So Alana, it seems to me you are saying that the greatest unions and most lasting tend to move through life's experiences by first blending on a spiritual connection, then they learn how to deepen their connection in this life on an emotional level, and from their they support each other mentally, and come to celebrate the physical should they choose to be intimate life partners. We can really have it all.

Alana: Yes dear one, soul mate vibrations can create connection on all levels. To do so it takes a desire, it takes an intention, and it takes true love.

Questioner: Thank you Alana.

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