Finding a Soul Mate Series: Creating a Spiritual Marriage

Questioner: Alana, could you share more on what you view as a true marriage. Explain in more detail what a spiritual union involves.

Alana: When a relationship becomes a true marriage--as Alana defines marriage--the individuals connect spiritually through their hearts. In other words, their hearts are connected and they feel a desire to support each other's well being. They feel a sense in their hearts of deep connection. On the mental level they respect each other's ideas and thoughts. They don't necessarily always think alike or share the same thoughts. But, they respect and allow each other to have their own beliefs and their own opinions. Because, they recognize that as they support their partner they are also supporting themselves.

When you allow another to be a full being, you are then supporting yourself being a full expression of your individuality. This supports us in having a deep connection to our individual natures while allowing your partner to be authentic to their natures. You see, we do not have to negate someone's ideas and beliefs to retain our connection should they have different views. By allowing others to be who they are, we really create integrity, in turn trust, and respect.

The next aspect of a spiritual marriage is an interest in supporting each other emotionally. In other words, there is a desire to comfort, and also support the partner in expanding their emotions, and growing emotionally. So, when you support each other emotionally it creates safety. It creates a place where you know that you can release your emotions, and feel your emotions, without projecting responsibility onto the other person for who you are, or your sense of well being. In turn you can own, and sense, and feel your emotions and share them, and the other individual can do the same. There is willingness and an ability to express feelings and emotions without censoring and suppressing your nature. This too, creates trust, safety, and respect.

On the physical level individuals who are soul mates may connect on the physical level and again they may not. Sometimes people come together who are soul mates and they wanted to be in relationship, but not necessarily one that is a marriage in the physical sense. It can be that they are married vibrationally through connection and compatibility, but the physical level doesn't always have to be sexually active in a soul mate vibration.

For a spiritual marriage, the two individuals will come together to share their lives and then when the physical realm comes together there is a willingness to support each other intimately, and physically, and sensually, and sexually as well. Again, communication is so important on every single level. Communication is what bridges, what balances, what allows the two vibrations to continue to deepen and know each other in their bodies as well as their hearts.

So, a true marriage is when individuals come together and are free to express their full natures, and become their full individuality without choosing to suppress the other or themselves. Grand synchronicity will support this relationship. The relationship will grow. It will expand. It will mature, and it will elevate and evolve into new forms of expression. This dynamic is also what creates a soul mate connection.

If two individuals come together in this life with no sense of familiarity, and if they practice what Alana speaks, by engaging and learning together on all these levels with harmony, they are creating a new soul mate vibration. Their souls will then learn how to be together with full expression. This is so delightful when people come together and respect each other's expression, no matter if their expression is in full alignment with their beliefs.

You see, by allowing all different types of beliefs to occupy the world, we have a very creative world. It is when our beliefs are suppressed that we fall into fear and hurt on another. We fall into the need to control. We fall in the belief of separation, and we fall into our disconnection with God, all that is, and love.

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