Finding a Soul Mate Series: Can You get A Second Chance?

Questioner: We often hear from people who feel they have met their soul mate but for one reason or another the relationship ended. If you find a soul mate relationship, and mess things up or loose them, can you have a second chance with a different soul mate?

Alana: Why yes, sometimes people do not know how to fully pay attention, or have difficulty because they have not learned enough about practicing self-love. Because we are beings who are learning and growing in our lives we can make unconscious mistakes and be numb to our effects. This doesn't mean we should go without love. Of course, we can get more chances to explore love and relationships. When meeting someone it is always a co-creation. It is up to the two individuals who come together to create the partnership and the understanding they have with each other.

So, yes, you can have more than one chance to be with a soul mate. The best way to ensure opportunity to find soul mate love is to create self honesty about who you are, and to have compassion and understanding of the actions and intentions within others. Before judging another, feel, or sense, or determine why they do the things that they do. You will gain a greater understanding of their actions. You will understand more about what they are wishing to create for themselves. You will learn not to take their actions so personally if they are doing something you dislike. You will also have more understanding that they are not necessairily trying to do something to you, as they are seeking to find something for themselves.

Questioner: So you are saying by being more conscious of other people it can help us find soul mate love. And if we do mess up a relationship, or lose someone due to a dealth or some other reason, we can have another chance at finding this very special kind of relationship love.

Alana: Yes, there is more than one opportunity in a lifetime to experience a soul mates love.

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