Finding a Soul Mate Series: What if My Soul Mate Doesn't Recognize Me?

Questioner: What if I know who my soul mate is, at least I think I know who they are, but they don't feel the same about me? What if they do not recognize that we are soul mates or just plain don't feel the connection, even though I do?

Alana: Sometimes when two people finally meet and come together, even though they share the soul mate vibration, at times they may have other attachments. They may also be attached to the way they think things should be. Or the way their beliefs have led them. As human beings, we don't always know how to pay attention to the messages our hearts receive or the knowing within our heart. This would lead us to not recognize a soul mate vibration when they enter our lives.

There could be a number of reasons this happens, such as being so attached to energy that comes from physical attraction and making that our primary sort for identifying the value of a relationship or soul mate. We may miss opportunities to really get to know those who are soul mate vibrations in deeper ways.

In situations such as this-when you know you have met your soul's true mate or a soul mate vibration and you find they do not recognize you-continue to have compassion, and understanding. Be aware of their nature, and feel their heart's intention. By doing this, you will create a space to help them connect to you through their heart. Perhaps, a doorway will open where your two souls can dance again and know each other's intention to meet again. Perhaps not. It is true that not all who are soul mates recognize each other. Sometimes we are quite conditioned by the episodes of this life, and there is a desire to remain attached to struggle, existing beliefs and old habits.

Questioner: So Alana, you are saying that we may meet someone whom we know in our heart is our soul's mate but they just might not recognize us in the same way? When this happens we should not be attached to having them see us, but just love and appreciate them for who they are?

Alana: That is correct. For the heart connection that brought you together will understand the value of holding them in compassion and understanding. For, that is what soul mates will do for one another.

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