Finding a Soul Mate Series: Why Does it Seem Soul Mate Relationships are so Rare?

Questioner: In considering our series on Soul Mate Connections, if soul mate relationships are so wonderful, why then does it seem so rare to find a couple that would consider themselves soul mates? Why does it seem so rare to find intimacy and deep levels of love in typical relationships?

Alana: It is difficult for many people to attract true love. First of all, many have a hard time believing that a soul mate exists for them. It is difficult for many people to find a soul mate because they know so little about themselves. To create a satisfying soul mate relationship we must first become satisfied with ourselves. When an individual learns to practice self-love and seeks a greater understanding of…

  • who they are
  • what they desire
  • what brings them joy
  • what is bliss for them
  • what are their greatest joys
  • what they love to express
  • what their talents are
  • what they can do to contribute to the world
  • what brings them satisfaction

…as an individual explores their nature and falls in love with themselves, this creates a pathway for a soul mate to discover them. It creates a well-lit doorway for a soul mate vibration to see them. When an individual is cloudy about their own self-definition, they emanate a very dim light which doesn't reflect the fullness of their soul's expression. This low vibration is so dimming. Because we are vibrational beings, how do you think we attract each other? It is through the energy that we emit from our essence. Dear one, the greatest way to attract your soul mate vibration, one that is compatible, one that is filled with love and joy- is to be that expression within your self.

Become that beacon of light! This way finding a soul mate won't be so difficult, for they can find you. This is why it is so very important to find love within ourselves first and foremost. Realize that within you also have a relationship- one that is a blending of your feminine and masculine natures in their many forms of expression. Imagine your goddess and your god, as well as your child and your parent. The more that you can blend your full nature and create compassion and understanding within, the more that you can surrender to compassion and understanding for who you are. This generates the outer expression and experiences your life will become. Then you become an expression of your individuality. As you express your clear individuality you then extend a clearer image of your vibrational soul. Through your unique energy pattern you draw others to you. Imagine how the world would change if we all did that! Everyone would find it much easier to experience their soul mate relationships. Then it would not seem so rare for true soul mates to meet.

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