Finding a Soul Mate Series: What is It Like When You Meet Your Soul Mate?

Questioner: Alana, what do you see as the potential when two soul mates find each other?

Alana: The potential when two soul mates find one another is grand. Because they have found each other and have recognized who they are to each other, they can now begin to explore their purpose together. They can begin to move into the realms and experiences that they co-intended for themselves. So, the potential is limitless. It is fully open to reward, possibility, and delight.

Questioner: There are probably some people that wonder what it is like to actually be in a soul mate relationship. Perhaps they haven't had the privilege of experiencing this type of connection in their lives.

Alana: When two people come together and form a relationship that is of the soul mate vibration -- they both recognize on some level that they have a relationship that is compatible on a soul level, it is a delightful celebration. This means their souls have found each other and their soul vibrations have a purpose. All relationships have purpose and all relationships have significance for in relationships we learn, we teach each other -- we grow -- and we expand.

But, in a Soul Mate relationship we have already created a base that was built from the intention of our soul's desire. In other words, we co-mingled our vibrations in the past and have a history together. With this history a desire was expressed to come together again and support each other in this life.

Sometimes the support that we choose can be the karmic kind of vibration where we come together to facilitate growth for each other. Sometimes soul mate vibrations come together because they really want to bask in the love that exists between them and celebrate joy together. They are ready to come together and celebrate the expansion of their soul's experiences, intermingling together and expressing joy and love.

So, dear one, when you find that you have found a Soul Mate vibration, it is a grand opportunity to support each other in bringing about happiness, joy, and fulfillment within a relationship.

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