Finding a Soul Mate Series: What if I Am Not Physically Attracted to My Soul Mate?

Questioner: Alana, what if I know who my soul mate is but I'm just not physically attracted to them or they are not physically attracted to me?

Alana: When you have met a soul mate and you are looking for a romantic partner, but do not feel physical attraction with this person, recognize that the physical connection is not always the primary energy pull between soul mates. I would suggest you explore the energy that ignited your relationship in the first place. Perhaps it was the spiritual realms you wish to share, or you feel a deep emotional connection. Explore what you do feel and share where you feel inspired. All relationships are valuable no matter what level or area that stimulates the connection. For all relationships can teach us about ourselves, and we can in turn learn about others, and what it is that we do, and be, to create love.

Not all soul mates are meant to be romantic partners, so celebrate what you do have, because this is what an abundant universe is about. There are abundant expressions for relationships including soul mate connections. There are many expressions that are beneficial between those who are truly soul mates. So, celebrate what you do have. Explore the realms that exist between you and you will find that this will build character. It will build rapport. It will build you relationship into a deeper vessel of love. It will also build trust. It will build compassion and from this place energy will flow, because this is how creativity works.

Questioner: So, you are saying that sometimes soul mates come together to explore life, but do not necessarily come together to be reunited in a physically intimate relationship?

Alana: Exactly! The soul is not driven by the body's desires.

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