Finding a Soul Mate Series: Where's the Passion?

Questioner: In our previous question we learned about connecting with our individuality and how this would help our soul mate find us. What happens if we don't really know how to find our passion so that we may get to know ourselves more authentically? How does this affect our relationships throughout our life?

Alana: To answer this question, let us take a journey for a moment and imagine. If you will, take a moment and imagine what might occur if you were to…

  • Suppress all your desires,
  • only do what others tell you to do,
  • confine your inner wisdom by not contributing your ideas or insights,
  • looked to others to always lead the way…

Can you imagine what twists and turns your life might take? The mate you would attract would be very different than the one you would choose if you were fully vibrant and connected to your individuality. When you viewed this partner through your eyes you would wish to change them. You would want them to be more like the person you would like to be deep down in your soul. You would essentially be creating a person in your life whom would be a catalyst to remind you of all the things you want in life that you cannot find in this other person. You would be looking outside of yourself for someone to fulfill you and the kind of person you would attract would be energetically drawn to you from an expression of yourself that is not your full nature. This would lead you to attract many possibilities for relationships, but none of them would be in alignment with your true essence. Therefore, you would have much difficultly attracting your intended soul mate vibration and would most likely go through many different relationships seeking the right one.

If you previously made an agreement with a soul mate to find each other, and grow and express together through the blending of your two individualities, because your individual nature has not shown up, it will be difficult to draw your soul mate you?

Imagine a person who feels so very empty. They desperately want an individual in their life to make them feel whole. When we do this, we are actually seeking a way to learn about ourselves. Being with the other person is like looking into a mirror, and wishing that mirror to shine light back into us. Therefore, the intention and action will attract someone to teach us more about who we are through contrast. But do not judge, it is just so. This is how we learn.

Even when we are sad and lonely, and feel a deep void within our soul, this void wishes to serve us. This emptiness can be a path for discovery and eventually ignite our growth. It can lead us to create a better definition of ourselves as we transform in the void. Through the contrast of darkness, seeking the light to lead us, we can grow as long as we don't get stuck in deep self examination without taking a creative step. So please, do not judge yourself if you are feeling half full, or feeling that you are empty without the love of another comforting you. It is wise to feel the longing for another's love. Do not judge your longing. Recognize that what you are longing is pointing you to the value of love that you hold within. It is pointing you to the well of love that resides within. As you embrace this love, recognize it is your light; it will then light the way to discover your personal passion. Sometimes we must enter the dark to know the light, and then life can get very interesting.

When you eventually find the place in your nature that taps into your inner well and recognizes that you are whole, already full, and one with all that is--then all you have to do is turn your attention toward this universal love. Or whatever you wish to acknowledge this vibration as. Perhaps it will be your higher power, Love, Light, or God. Doesn't matter really, allow this to be your source of love. Then you will recognize this vibration is within. You can be grounded upon this earth and centered in your body. You can then resonate and be a full thriving being. From this place you can attract another individual that holds the same vibration. Ah, there is your passion, and there is your soul mate.

Recognize that each step and stage of life is here to serve you. It is here to bring you closer to love, closer to happiness, and closer to learning how to trust your heart, and bring more love into your life.

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