Finding a Soul Mate Series: Shining Your Light for Your Soul Mate To See You

Questioner: Alana, what you have shared thus far in our dialogue is very different from the classic myths regarding Soul Mates. People often tend to feel that finding a soul mate is something that happens on rare occasion, or that they have a soul mate and will never find them. The thoughts and questions that vary from maybe there are soul mates, or those wondering if there is a soul mate out there for them, and even those who feel there are so many people on the planet, how will they ever meet the one person who is their soul mate. What many describe is completely different from what you just described.

Alana: Yes, people often forget they Co-Create with another to bring a soul mate relationship into existence. And yes, there are individuals who have had a beautiful life with their soul mates as well as those who are working to find lasting love. Which leads me to share that there is nothing more important than who a person is at this moment. The choices they make to bring love into their lives, and to recognize their authenticity. To create an incredible soul mate in one's life a person must be willing to shine their light, and to do so they must move toward becoming a full expression of their authentic being. Imagine that! Imagine how an individuals light shines as they step into their full essence and actualize this in their lives. This allows those who are soul mates to find one another, you see.

Questioner: It is like the moth that is attracted to the light of the moon. As we shine our light we draw those to us because they can find us.

Alana: That is a fun way to perceive as we shine our light, navigation becomes much easier.

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