Finding a Soul Mate Series: Do Soul Mates Make Plans to Meet in a Given Life?

Questioner: Alana, before coming into a given life, do soul mates really make plans to meet?

Alana: Those who are soul mates often create probabilities. Because we express free will when we are in our bodies sometimes things turn out in a different way than we may have intended. We can make different choices, effecting our plans that we intend before we come into the body, so we do not always come together. This depends how aware we are and also how much we practice self-love.

Probabilities and possibilities both exist. A possibility is something that is cast about with an intention. A probability was a possibility first and then more thought with a concentration of energy which is fueled by belief, trust, and faith energizes the possibility and empowers it. Therefore, there is greater desire, and once a possibility then transforms into a probability. Probabilities have a greater chance of manifesting or coming into the physical.

But you must remember that we have free will and we can change our minds or pursue different directions. However, some things have such a great velocity of energy placed within them that these movements have a very high probability of coming into being. Therefore you could say these things are called a destiny. But then again, free will does exist and there are collective vibrations that can affect our experiences, too.

The collective vibration is just like a soul family. It is a collective agreement between many to bring about a specific intention. That is a collective vibration or a collective agreement. For example, on this planet at this time, there are many beings here that have come together to create an intention to bring about love in ways that speak of peace, connection, and a greater understanding that we are all one. Therefore, some individuals have sacrificed. I do not mean this in a negative way, okay because they have turned towards their bliss. But they may have sacrificed a personal connection, and personal love on a singular more definitive relationship level, so that they may carry a grander message.

Some individuals have decided they will not have a family this life. They will not bare children because they are wishing to have a greater sense of family. They brought into this life a greater intention and created a broader definition of self. Sometimes people who incarnate with this purpose may have set aside some of their personal desires.

Look at Mother Theresa, she was and still is a grand vibration. She is a grand example of an individual who channeled her personal desires into vaster form. She decided to join a collective vibration to bring about healing to those who were suffering. She represents a collective to do this. There are many other examples that could be given, but she is one that Alana feels many can recognize and understand. It brought her great bliss to help those in need, because she was attuned to a greater connective purpose. She was an expression of collective desire.

Questioner: So, are you saying Mother Theresa may have had a soul mate, but she chose to be guided by a collective purpose that set aside her desire for sharing life with a soul mate.

Alana: Yes, in a way. Her soul mate connections where not focused on romance, but more on a greater good and helping those who in need.

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