Finding a Soul Mate Series: Is It Possible Not to Meet Your Soul Mate?

Questioner: Is it possible that two people that are soul mates can go through life, but never meet each other?

Alana: Yes this can happen, people who had an intention to meet in this life and incarnation might not meet or find each other. Yes, that is a possibility.

Questioner: Alana, what would cause that to happen?

Alana: At times-once in a body and living life-other agendas can come up and the individuals can make decisions that lead them in different directions. Even if they had a clear intention to be together, other situations may have presented themselves, and various choices they made may have prevented them from finding each other. This is why it is important to always remember that we are eternal. Just because we miss one expression to come together, this doesn't mean that we will be without their vibration forever and never know them again.

Really, we are all connected; therefore, we may be connected to our soul mates on other levels that we are not conscious of at the time. We do not have to always be together physically to share a connection. We also do not need to be together physically to receive love, energy, and other benefits from each other even if we wished to meet in the physical.

Questioner: So you are saying that if for some reason our life choices, or our presented life course takes us in a different direction than what we may have intended, we may still share a connection.

Alana: Yes, we will sense and feel each other spiritually. Our higher natures are able to connect even though we may not connect in the physical.

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