Finding a Soul Mate Series: The True Definition of Marriage

Questioner: Can you talk about what you feel is the true nature of marriage, the essence of that word and also how it is related to the topic of soul mates?

Alana: Yes! Soul Mates are born from the building of the relationship, the desire to reconnect, and the compatibilities that are interwoven within the relationship.

When we are born and come into a body, and we look around us, we see people who are in marriages, yes! We see our parents who are married. We see our grandparents who are married. Marriage is exampled to us all over the world. We then interpret what we see, and the behaviors of those in the marriages. We interpret, the way people treat each other, and we transfer their beliefs and adopt them as our own. We transfer what we learn and call our perceptions the basis for the state of marriage.

So, we formulate an interpretation of what we think marriage is from what we see around us. Really, marriage is not what we think it is. On a deep level true marriage has much more to do with how the relationship of the two individuals come together on many different levels. How their vibrations blend and how they learn to engage in a way where they support the other individual while still maintaining their full sense of expression, and sense of identity.

When two people can come together and be together, with full expression, then we have the basis for creating a true spiritual marriage. Now, when Alana describes a spiritual marriage, I am not negating the physical, mental, or emotional levels. I am embracing all levels by supporting them from the spiritual, because we really are fully spiritual on all levels.

Questioner: So marriage is really a spiritual union rather than a ceremony and certificate that determines two people are committed to one another?

Alana: Yes, exactly. You have a true marriage when there is a spiritual union and blending.

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