Finding a Soul Mate Series: Even Soul Mates Have to Learn How to Love

Questioner: From our last question we learned about karma between soul mates.

This would lead us to believe that just because two people are soul mates it doesn't mean they will always get along.

Soul Mates can share difficulties, and have opposing needs.

Alana: Yes, that is so very true. Sometimes we do bring forth a soul mate vibration that feels and seems quite difficult. That can occur. Usually this happens because we are holding on to a belief or thought very tightly. We are not ready to expand our receptivity, and our natures are not eager to expand our beliefs or perceptions. When we have relationships that are difficult, it is usually because we are ignoring something about ourselves. We are attracting to us an individual who can mirror back to us our values and what is important to us.

So, a difficult relationship can be a soul mate, yes. We may have made an agreement to come together so we can propell one another by assisting each other in determining what is important to us. But, we can transform the difficulty. We can let go of our attachments, and yield to intention--the grand intention that exists within each individual. From this ability to perceive we will know who we really are. We will see the nature of the other person. We will know love is behind our many attempts to connect even when the outward appearances and actions are hurtful.

This is why it is wise to leave another person's actions as their responsibility, understanding that their actions stem from their belief that they are separate to love. Be intentful to comtemplate one's self. This will release the karmic interaction. From here, a new way of relating will allow the relationship to transform should both parties wish to do so at that point in time. A new agreement can be made. The Karmic nature of the relationship can dissolve, and a new way of relating can come about.

Sometimes when a realization like this occurs, the relationship transforms. A choice to move closer or further apart is made.

Questioner: You are saying, once a karmic relationship, not always a karmic relationship? Or relationships can evolve and be free from negative and painful patterns. Then the parties can determine how purposeful the relationship is to each other.

Alana: We put, dear one!

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