Finding a Soul Mate Series: How Do I Know When I Have Met a Soul Mate?

Questioner: So Alana, we have discussed how to fuel our desire to create a soul mate in our lives through intention, and the power of getting clear about who we are and what we value in a relationship. Our journaling has helped us a great deal with this. This leads us to a very important question. How do you know when you have met your soul mate?

Alana: I am delighted to share insights on how a person may know, as there are significant signs of which to pay attention. Most often, you have met a Soul Mate when you feel a familiarity that seems to surpass casual connection. You may feel a sense of familiarity and begin to wonder where you have met them before or you might even wonder whom they remind you of. You may see them and feel you must glance back at them a second time to try to place them in your life. This is one way you may recognize a soul mate.

You will also know that you have met a soul mate if there is something particular about them and you just can't put your finger on it, but you keep trying trying to understand what it might be as you attempt to gain a deeper sense of their essence. You also may know you have met a Soul Mate if you feel a desire to know them deeper and you are eager to ask them more questions to help yourself understand what you are feeling.

Another sign that you have met a soul mate is when you stand next to them and feel so very peaceful. You know you have met a Soul Mate when you are standing next to them and you also feel excited at the same time. When you look into their eyes, and and you see yourself, now that is a grand soul mate. So, there are many signs that suggest you have been together before and that your meeting is placed before you for a reason.

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