Finding a Soul Mate Series: What are Karmic Soul Mates?

Questioner: There's a term called karma that many of us have heard before. A loose definition would be, left over stuff from the past. And I've heard the term Karmic Soul Mate. Could you provide insight on the nature of this type of soul mate relationship?

Alana: Yes, I would be happy to. Karmic soul mates represent two expressions or beings that have chosen to come together to resolve an issue or gain a benefit by meeting again and sharing experiences. Karma is often quite misunderstood. Many believe that karmic resolution has to be a painful transformational series of episodes that eventually culminates in some sort of resolution that provides transformative enlightenment in some way.

The effects of karma simply means that you have judged the need to create an intention to bring about a certain direction or action. This means karma is a left over experience that wishes to continue its' progress by providing some type of transformation. Human attachment assumes that Karma has to be a negative experience. By recognizing that we are essentially all connected we have all expressions of all possibility within us each and every moment.

This reminder can simplify our judgments about holding onto negative experiences and feeling that we have to relive the negativity repeatedly to move through it, resolve it, and break the pattern. Why not acknowledge that what is, is and say to yourself, "Because I am aware, I can now let go of my judgment," and then move on and create joy. Karma does not have to be relived over and over again before bliss and joy can happen. Alana feels that when a decision is made to begin turning towards joy rather then basking in the pain of the past, Karma is released with that commitment when it is fully expressed.

Here is an example to ponder. Imagine driving a car forward down a road while looking in the rear view mirror. Driving like this while watching in the rear view mirror could result in an accident. A person could hit something, thus creating more negativity. Instead of reacting by looking to the past in the rear view mirror, show creativity, drive with awareness, looking forward and to the side, with an intention to reach the destination. This type of awareness will dissolve and

Questioner: So a Karmic relationship may or may not be difficult. Is that what you are saying?

Alana: Yes, often there may be a challenge or a deep need in the beginning, but things do not have to stay that way.

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