Finding a Soul Mate Series: Creating Time for Journaling

Questioner: As we journal the internal and external exploration that you previously suggested, what if finding private time to do so is difficult. For example, some of our readers may have small children that they care for, or work long hours. I recognize the power of journaling but what if the time isn't there?

Alana: Alana feels that an individual can create the time to do so with an intention to do so. In other words, with intention time will reveal itself, even if it is only five or ten minutes at a time. All devoted moments are most beneficial. This does not have to be a multi-hour process. Nor does it have to be a lengthy process. The grand intention is to create a way to dedicate time for self-exploration in whatever form you may be able to achieve it. By creating a ritual to turn your energy inward and practice self-love the rewards will come. Sometimes we must multitask. For example taking a journal with you when you soak in the tub. Or when you are helping your child do homework. As they work on problems, you can work along side them. There are ways.

Questioner: O.K. You're saying that we'll have our own notebook that we can mark as private and keep track of our thoughts and feelings, about what we want to create? We can fit this time in whenever it happens to be there providing we have an intention to do so.

Alana: Yes! Also, give your journal a delightful name. Give it a name that reflects an expression that resonates with your core such as:

  • My Love Journal
  • How Many Ways Can I Love Myself
  • Abundant Living
  • I Am Delightful
  • Beauty Exists Within
  • The Pathway to Love
  • Exploration's For Life

Or, you may have a favorite prayer, or a favorite saying that you could name your journal. Choose a title that reflects something about what you identify within your nature and what you treasure. Declare it, and hold it dear. This will add to your light. It becomes an extension of your energy, and a way for the universe to communicate with you as you flow your thoughts you will also receive insight. Your journal will become aligned with your vibration and it will add to your self-definition. This is really a precious form of self-love. You are beginning to weave a pattern of light for finding your soul mate and creating more love in your life.

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