Finding a Soul Mate Series: Daily Journaling for Self-Realization

Questioner: Alana I hear you suggesting that we take some time out from our day, get some writing material, jot down the questions that you offered, and then write out our thoughts and feelings. Is that what your saying?

Alana: Yes. Alana suggests that you devote time in your day, or during your week to journal your thoughts and feelings on the points mentioned in our internal and external exploration. Hopefully, fitting into you schedule a way to do daily journaling will work out. It can be any time of day and doesn't need to be a lengthy process. Because a little bit of self-awareness practiced consecutively can create an incredible shift. If a person can make a decision to dedicate time each day to practice this form of self-love they will be greatly rewarded.

A person can find journals already made at their bookstore, or if they so wish, they can create a special one. Sitting down each day with pen in hand and exploring self-observations, and personal awareness will create a path to wonderful self-discovery. This task will also contribute to fueling balance and create a space for out flowing of stress, too, if a person so wishes to also journal on daily issues along with the soul mate exploration.

Questioner: So, you feel there is more to be gained by this process of journal writing rather than just answering the questions you presented in the last two segments of our series?

Alana: Absolutely.

Questioner: Great, this seems like a very valuable daily exercise. I imagine some people might have challenges with this, so let's proceed with the next question.

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