Introduction to Soul Mate Connections Series

Questioner: Before we begin our series, I would like to take a moment and introduce Alana to our readers and I ask that Alana shares some background on just how we created this series. Particularly how we derive the information that is shared. Alana, could you begin by introducing yourself, and sharing a bit on this subject.

Alana: Hello dear ones. Alana is very excited to bring this series forth, because Alana feels so much curiosity about what a soul mate vibration is. But, before we begin communicating about soul mates, let's take a moment and share with you a description of just who Alana is, and why Alana-heart is coming forth in this way. Alana essentially is the energy of collective heart. I (needing a reference for the nature of collective heart) have come forth in a tonal vibration to guide you. I bring you information about what your heart is yearning for, and what your heart really is. Alana is the collective heart vibration, coming forth in tone, so that you may have a greater understanding about your nature. I am love. I am the vessel within you that holds love, feels love, and knows love. When I refer to myself as I, know that I am always referring to the collective energy of all our hearts together. That is Alana. When you say Alana aloud it is a tonal vibration that resonates with your heart.

Questioner: Alana, many people have heard the word channeling and for some this may be a new term for them. I wonder if you could explain how it is that you, being the energy of collective heart can convey your wisdom through a person, such as Sandy.

Alana: Alana comes forth in tone through Sandy being, through her ability to blend, and relax, and allow herself to convey Alana's heart tone. Channeling is not a strange phenomenon as individuals channel all the time. Individuals channel many different aspects of their nature. So, channeling is not an unusual action. It is really a skill that exists within each and everyone. However, in the case with Sandy, there has been a concentrated intention to allow the vibration of Alana to come through in this way, and Sandy's nature is quite compatible with the tone of heart. So, here we have a co-creation. Here we have the willingness of Sandy being to allow Alana to blend with her. And we have the collective heart or the nature of Alana desiring to communicate through Sandy being. It is a beautiful commingling of intention to bring forth more understanding in the world about the nature of love.

When you think about different ideas that come to mind, such as when you day dream, or when you seek the answer to a problem, and receive insight, you are channeling the insight from resources that lay within your nature. It may be that you tap into knowledge to create a solution to a problem and then you receive understanding and communicate it. It could be that when you are daydreaming, you think of an individual and they call you. You have just channeled the connection that the two of you have. You have just made yourself aware consciously of something that you felt unconsciously. So, channeling is not an unusual skill. It is something that always exists and something that you do every day.

Questioner: Thank you Alana! Now I think we can begin our series, and go on to the heart of the matter! No pun intended, just wanting to begin our journey on the topic of soul mates and share with our readers how to bring more love into their lives through the soul mate connection.

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