Finding a Soul Mate Series: Don't Take it Personally - Understanding the Intentions of Others- Part 1

Questioner: Could you say something more about how to understand a person's intentions? Sometimes, it appears that a person's intention is to hurt us, yet you are saying not to take it personal when they do something that makes us feel hurt.

Alana: Yes, that is a very good and interesting question because the answer will lead to another wonderful process for identifying how we feel and will assist us in learning more about ourselves.

I know sometimes Alana speaks in ways that may not always address our mind or be easy for an individual who is just becoming aware of their intuition. When we begin to explore and become aware of our senses it helps us learn how to make greater personal choices, as well as help us resolve conflicts. By helping a person realize the answer to your question it will take us on an little exploration into the other person's (whom we feel hurt by) psyche.

First, begin by trying to step into the other person's reality. Begin by asking yourself to identify what their actions and words tell you they are really desiring or wanting. Another question you might ask, is what is it they are trying to heal? What are they really expressing? If you want to take it a step further, you could have a conversation with them and ask them what they want. Then really listen to not only their words, but the underlying value behind the words that tell you what they are wishing to create for themselves. This will help you discern if what they are communicating is more of a distraction (confusion and chaos). Or are they creating conflict to try and figure out what they want. You can prompt them by asking again, "What is it that you really, really want?" And eventually you will be lead to their greater intention, which is really about their values, needs, and desires.

Questioner: I see, so by stepping into their process you detach from having this be about you and you are lead to the real issues as they live inside them.

Alana: Yes, your detachment and compassion is what will help you comprehend their greater intention.

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