Finding a Soul Mate Series: Practical Steps for Trusting Your Heart?

Questioner: I imagine some people are unsure of just what it means to trust their hearts because our minds can tell us that what we are attached to and what we want is the heart's calling. So in listening to our hearts -- how do we do that on a practical level?

Alana: First you listen with an open mind as you explore your felt senses in your body. These senses will guide you. For instance, you may receive a sense of knowingness, because your body will tell you so. Begin to pay attention to how your body responds. If your body feels contracted, then you know that your heart wants to tell you something about your surroundings, or your environment, or yourself. If you heart feels full and warm in a relaxed way, then you are receiving insight that you are moving toward something in alignment with your path.

If you feel your heart expanding, then you know that your nature is wanting to tell you that something is satisfying, that you are growing, that the experience is bringing or contributing through you something that you desire. Your heart is deeply connected to your intuitive senses.

Questioner: Alana, when you say heart, would it help us to think of the physical location of our hearts?

Alana: Yes. You can pay attention to your physical heart, because really your physical heart is a physical manifestation of the vitality and energy that connects you to the source. So, if you want to feel love, go ahead, and place your hand on you heart. And bring your experiences, and your concerns, and your troubles, and your doubts into that place. Then take a nice deep breath and then your heart will dissolve your pain.

Questioner: So by listening to our hearts we also can create a space for healing and releasing our attachments.

Alana: Yes, our heart leads us to greater ways of understanding.

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