Finding a Soul Mate Series: Learning to Trust Your Heart

Questioner: I would like to go back to question twenty-one and our discussion on exploring the intention behind another person's actions, and the exercise you suggested to help us explore what the other person may be wanting and needing.

Once we have written down the answers we receive about their deeper intentions how do we learn to trust the answers we receive?

Alana: That is an excellent question! How do we trust our answers? First of all the mind has a difficult time trusting, so on some level know that you may not fully trust what you receive, and this is quite normal. Make it okay not to fully trust. This is wise, for as you lack full trust this will invite your mind to ask more questions. This is delightful! For the more questions your mind asks the more answers you will receive.

Journal this process and all that you question and the answers you receive. Allow yourself to explore these questions in your journal fully. Can you see how not fully trusting can actually lead to more discovery? Eventually, you will realize the more you become aware by processing this way the more conscious you will become at determining your values, needs, and desires--as well as those of your partner, soul mate, or other loving relationship.

You will discover that part of your purpose in this life is to to learn how to trust your perceptions and your heart. As you begin with mistrust, then let that be a part of your discovery process, it will lead you to explore your perceptions. You will begin to build inner trust as more understanding fills your nature and the senses will continue to develop. This is wonderful for developing intuitive skill and we begin to learn compassion for self and others. This leads us to discern the deeper intention to be and have love. Therefore, embrace your beautiful mind, and all its questions. For it will take you on an incredible journey.

Essentially as you begin to trust, you begin to pay attention to your heart. Your heart will never mislead you. Your heart is what points you to who you really are, and your heart is the infinite highway to all wisdom and knowledge. If you pay attention to your heart you will tap into a well of resources. You will also tap into the part of yourself that can comprehend another individual's deeper soul intention.

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