Finding a Soul Mate Series: How Do You Find Your Soul Mate? - Part One

Questioner: Alana, now that you have provided some insight on how we create soul mates, I have another important question. How do you go about finding your soul mate?

Alana: The first step I suggest is getting to know yourself. That may seem odd, but this is so very important. Begin by asking yourself some deep questions. Here are some possible questions to lead you to self discovery:

  • What do you enjoy in life?
  • What would you like to create in your life?
  • What experiences have you denied yourself because of fear?
  • What fears lie within you, and what is holding onto this fear trying to teach you about yourself?
  • What judgments do you have about yourself?
  • What are the old beliefs you have that keep you from feeling you deserve love?

Any of the questions that might resonate and give you insight provide an opportunity for self-discovery. As you work through the questions, you will pick up significant words, phrases, expressions, and ideas that point to values that they are true to your heart. You can begin to explore these more. As you do, ask yourself some more important questions such as:

  • How can I begin to live these experiences in my day-to-day life?
  • What can I do in my day-to-day life that would be examples of what I value?
  • What are some simple ways I can integrate a greater sense of myself?
  • What are ways that I can contribute more of my nature?
  • How can I become a greater expression of love?

As you create a greater sense of self-definition, you increase your self-awareness. You will be more apt to attract experiences that offer more support for your individuality. You may also attract experiences where you get to practice discernment, and get to say no to things you may have said yes to previously. You will find the "no" shows where your preferences are changing. You will learn to redirect your energy turning toward "this" rather than "that". You are creating greater dedication to live your expression more fully; the expression, which is about your uniqueness.

This is the first step.

Questioner: Thank you, Alana. Now let's proceed to the next step to help us find our soul mates!

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