Finding a Soul Mate Series: How Do You Find Your Soul Mate? - Part Two

Questioner: Now that we have taken an internal inventory, of sorts, what is the next step to assist us in finding our soul mate?

Alana: Now let's explore what we would like to create in our outside world. Now that we know so much more about our inside world and what we value, let us begin creating identification with how we would like to perceive our outer world. If we don't start with our inner world first, then we may never come to understand our motivations, values, and our personal natures. We also can get stuck identifying with our outer world as well as giving the universe the message that what we don't have is what we care most about. We continue to give the message that we want our outside world to stay on the outside. In other words, we keep trying to create what we don't have so we draw people to us to teach us about ourselves and never draw to us a compatible soul mate.

For this next step, lets begin to explore possibilities of what the world could be like. Let's Imagine:

  • Would you like to attract an individual that has the same career?
  • Would you like to attract an individual that likes to cook?
  • An individual that likes to dance?
  • Someone who has children or wants children?

Begin an exploration of possibility based on your values. Get all of your senses involved. Explore what your ideal scenes would look like.

  • What is a situation that would bring you great joy?
  • What would it look like?

Begin to get your eyes involved and see your environment. As you are doing this create definition through your visual sense. Then bring in another sense.

  • What would your touch like to feel?
  • What would your touch like to embrace?

Get your feelings involved. Get your emotions involved. Create definitions with your emotions. Also, get your ears involved.

  • What would you like to hear?
  • How would you like your environment to sound?

Bring in all of your senses.

Now that you have experienced such a wonderful sensory exploration of possibility, let's empower your exploration with one of the greatest of secrets. Recognize that you do not have to go outside of yourself to create what you want. All you have to do is hold it within yourself in an image while:

  • aligning your desires
  • aligning your senses
  • bringing in trust
  • bringing in faith

and then empowering this with your vitality and energy while aligning with the power of the universe. This is how we can manifest from our visualizations.

Isn't it grand that we do not have to go outside of ourselves to become full. We are full already. We are just discovering that we are full and we are creating a definition of our fullness. Through our intention, and attention, with awareness fueled with desire and passion, we awaken within us who we are and what is possible. We become this beacon of light and from here we attract.

Now, guess what happens next? The door bell will ring. Someone will knock at the door. Someone will come across our path and we will look up and say, "Could this be a possibility?" Then the mind will comes in and questions will be asked.

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