Finding a Soul Mate Series: Does Everyone Have a Soul Mate?

Questioner: The whole idea of knowing there are soul mates is wonderful, and yet for some people it is hard to believe, that soul mates exist. This leads to the next question. Does everyone have a soul mate?

Alana: Everyone has a soul mate. Actually every individual has many soul mates whom they have shared experiences. This is because we experience many lives in and out of body. We have had many opportunities to grow together. When we are in body we experience life with each other. It would be impossible to not have a soul mate.

However, soul mates are created on a soul level. Because you are a soul with an essence of your nature expressing in a body, you will find many souls who have chosen to decend into a body, too; souls that you have had relationships with before. Those relationships are your soul mate relationships. These individuals are here to express life with you on your chosen paths together.

Questioner: So, everyone has a soul mate?

Alana: Yes, indeed, they do.

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