Finding a Soul Mate Series: Are There Different Types of Soul Mates?

Questioner: Alana, people often get confused about the concept of soul mates. Could you please explain if there are different types of soul mates that we may encounter in our lives? And if so, how might we encounter them?

Alana: That is a perfect question to begin exploring this wonderful topic for finding a soul mate relationship. Yes, there are different types of soul mates. We have made various agreements to meet and connect with individuals with whom we have had past experiences. Our relationships this life wish to accommodate those agreements and many we encounter may have soul mate properties. The quality of the soul mate is really about the intention and expression that the two beings determined would be beneficial to their growth and creativity together. When we make an agreement to meet again in future possibilities or perhaps past possibilities, we put in motion an energetic intention to do so.

We might make an agreement to come into each others lives to remind each other how to love one's self. Or perhaps, the agreement and bond stems from an intention to be together so that we might find ways to be a support for each other. We might want to learn how to be in relationship without struggle and look for ways to deepen our soul connection. Maybe we choose to be close like a brother and sister. Yes, soul mates can be incarnated in the same family. Not all soul mates are romantic. Imagine that life circumstances might only allow a close connection to form though the family, and there is a desire to be deeply connected, close and care for one another. So yes, there are different types of soul mates.

Just because individuals who are soul mates reconnect in a life it doesn't mean they are all going to be romantic in nature. Not all soul mates come together to be significant others. When we examine our various lives, we may find many friendships that are very, very dear. Why do you think we often call them soul sisters or soul brothers? It is because they really are just that. Soul Mates who have reconnected to be supportive of one another. There are also soul mate vibrations that have chosen to share life as a teacher and a pupil. There are soul vibrations that exist as families, and then there are souls who are incarnated in families that are also from other soul groups. Remember that a soul mate is created from a soul level. Therefore, there are many different ways the various individuals might choose to express the relationships that come from the soul's desire to experience and grow. There are many different types of soul relationships.

Of course, we all want to find a loving mate, and many times we do encounter a soul mate who is also eager to be a life partner. We will discuss this type of connection as we progress through the series.

Questioner: Thank you Alana, I also look forward to learning more about relationships that are difficult and what those might be about.

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