Finding a Soul Mate Series: The Value of Communication During Soul Mate Challenges

Questioner: I have heard some people say that when they first met, they knew they were soul mates, but after a time of being together the relationship began having its challenges. Can you say something about that?

Alana: We co-exist in a world where all types of energies are spinning about. It is not always easy to flow effortlessly through life without clear intention and direction. Sometimes when we come together with another influences that are outside of the relationship impact us. This is why it is so important in any relationship -- whether it is a soul mate relationship -- or two individuals learning how to be soul mates, that communication is always present.

When two individual vibrations come together to experience life, communication is the most significant tool for guiding the relationship so it may achieve great fulfillment for both individuals. Communication is a grand tool. It helps us reveal what is important to us while allowing us to release that which is built up or stuck. Communication allows us reveal the way we think and feel, what our needs are, how we interpret, and how we see the world. It also allows us to release energy that is locked up in our bodies. So, communication is a grand tool. It assists us in creating clarity. It allows each individual to understand more about the other individual.

As we learn about each other through communication, we grow individually and together. When communication is embraced, it is a delightful tool, which deepens our connection as we also learn to listen with respect. Through our communication skills, we build deeper bonds of connection and find ways to grow together even though we may at times see things differently.

Therefore, every relationship should make a point to include quality communication in daily life. This is what will support the relationship's wellness.

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