Finding a Soul Mate Series: Finding Your Soul Mate When You are Already Married

Questioner: You know Alana, we receive many questions from people that were in marriages, or other forms of committed relationships, that then have met somebody else and felt like the person outside their marriage,outside their committed relationship was actually their soul mate. This is a huge dilemma for people; especially when they have children. Do I divorce my wife or my husband, and then go with this other person? Alana, I wonder if you could comment because this is a real problem for many people.

Alana: When two people first connect a heightened energy is present. When the infatuation and the thrill of first connecting is there, people can project feelings that the other person is a soul mate vibration. But, after we get familiar with an individual and experience the reality of living day-to-day life, the experiences of life transfer onto the relationship, and then we can forget we are soul mates unless we practice the qualities of true spiritual marriage. Often individuals who are soul mates find each other, and then they forget because difficulties and life challenges and experiences remove us from remembering the core vibration that the relationship was built upon. Sometimes individuals get confused trying to recall the initial spark, or vibration that drew them together,the initial energy that exists when two individuals first spark a connection. Yes, all relationships have the capability of becoming soul mate vibrations, but not all relationships already are. So in dilemmas as you suggest, it is really important to question where you are on the path of practicing spiritual marriage, this will help in determining if you are in a soul mate relationship already, and have lost perspective, or if the new relationship is just an attempt to recall the knowingness of what a soul mate relationship feels like.

Questioner: It sounds like when you are in a committed relationship that your partner may still be a soul mate, even though the other person seems like your destined soul mate. And in other cases, it may be that both have soul mate qualities and then again a person may have married someone who wasn't a soul mate and then their soul mate appears later in life.

Alana: Yes, all may be true. As we elevate our vibrations we will recognize that really we are all part of the same consciousness. All our souls are essentially connected through spirit. And therefore, we all have the potential of becoming soul mate connections through our many evolutions.

When you are in a married relationship and have children and you recognize your partner to be your soul mate, applaud that you have found them. Celebrate that you have recognized from a soul level the meaning that can exist in such a relationship. Fully embrace your awareness with joy. Seek ways to create balance in your life while supporting the wellness of the other individual. Then they too, will want to support their well being and yours. Make a goal to practice spiritual marriage together.

If you are married to someone and you know if your heart that your true soul mate appears and is not you spouse, synchronicity will pave the way and doors will open if you are meant to be together. Sometimes individuals create temporary relationships for a period of time to learn about themselves. When this happens the two people come into each other's life to learn and teach something to each other. They are both a pupil and a teacher. Not all relationships are meant to last forever in the physical. If that were so, there would probably only have been two people created on the planet, you see? Yet, some relationships are meant to last a life time. And continue on to experience many more lifetimes, and various forms of expression. Some relationships are meant to go from lifetime, to lifetime, to lifetime.

These relationships are the one's that have been cultivated through many expressions, and are at a place where true spiritual marriage and soul mate connection can exist. They know how to step into the soul relationship vibration and go forward. Just remember, no matter where you are in this cycle of love and in life express love, support love, see love within another. Respect each other with honor, honor yourself, hold compassion, practice self-love, and by practicing self-love you will then support all relationships.

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