Soul Mates

I have been divorced for 6 years. Married to an alcoholic, dated a reformed alcoholic. I have been on a spiritual quest and am an energy healer. Will I meet someone of like mind that I can adore and love? (2 minutes, 42 seconds)

Since my wife's passing I have been wondering if we are truly soul mates how will we and how can our souls meet again in our next lifetimes? (3 minutes, 30 seconds)

I have found my soul mate and love her dearly. Currently we are seeing a counselor/therapist who has helped us a great deal. I am wanting some guidance in having our hearts dance again. (4 minutes, 49 seconds)

I am currently in a relationship that is somewhat troubling. My partner does not seem to want to grow and progress in Spiritual avenues. My focus is Spirituality first, everything else, next, and I'm wondering if this relationship should continue, or be ended. (3 minutes, 53 seconds)

I have been in a lot of relationships in the past and I am starting to wonder if there is something I am doing wrong. Do you think I am just destined to be alone forever? (4 minutes, 41 seconds)

How can I tell if he is my true soul mate? Can you give me some guidance on how to know that he is really the one? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. (4 minutes, 52 seconds)

I have a met a man with whom I have started to fall in love with but I am afraid to move forward. How do I learn to trust again? (4 minutes, 45 seconds)

I just don't understand why I seem to repel people. I have always felt that my inner feelings and beliefs would attract like-minded people, but it isn't happening. (4 minutes, 6 seconds)

I just met an incredible person. He is thirteen years my junior. I feel this is something real special. I feel like I have known him a long time. (4 minutes, 22 seconds)

I've been experiencing a restless, anxious, feeling for a while now. I am dissatisfied with my current job and feel I am still waiting for my soul mate to be my creative partner. (4 minutes, 36 seconds)

Will my life come together in a way that will make me happy? When? Will I find someone who loves and adores me soon? (2 minutes, 45 seconds)

I still think of my ex-husband everyday, and have been unable to move on with other relationships. (6 minutes, 50 seconds)

I have recently divorced for the third time now and I am wondering, will I find my soul mate soon? (5 minutes, 24 seconds)

Now that I feel that I'm able to communicate on an intimate level that I never could before, I am still not meeting that special person. (6 minutes, 33 seconds)

How does one know if they have met their soul mate? (5 minutes, 18 seconds)

SoulMate Connections Series provides insight on how to find your soul mate and create loving relationships. The series consists of the most common questions about soul mate relationships and what you can do to meet your soul mate.