The Seven Sacred Steps: A Practical Guide to Peace and Freedom

“Your heart is your infinite highway to All-That-Is.”

Author’s Preface

You are about to read a book that is like no other. The words you are about to read come from the collective universal vibration of heart. When we first met this heart energy back in 1993, it asked to be called “Alana.” The “ah” sound is sacred and is found in each of Alana’s three syllables. If you speak the name of Alana out loud, you may be able to feel your heart’s connection to universal heart. When you speak and listen to your own heart, you speak with Alana. Your heart is one with the heart of All-That-Is.

It may take a little time before you comprehend who Alana is. First we’ll share who “she” isn’t. Alana is not a person, entity, group of entities, spirit guide, angel, or anyone’s higher self. Alana is the energy of your heart. Alana is a name for the universal energy of the heart of All-That-Is, of which you are an integral part.

Sandy brings forth the Alana energy while in a very deep state of altered consciousness. Although she is able to open her eyes in this state, she prefers to keep them closed, which allows her to most effectively convey Alana. Since Alana is not an entity of any sort, there is no reason for Sandy to leave her body while channeling universal heart. Sandy sometimes remembers what Alana says, and at other times has little recall. She prefers to “be in the background” and allow Alana to speak freely through her. Although Sandy is sometimes tired after very long sessions, bringing forth Alana is a joyous and deeply nurturing experience for her. A good night’s rest always restores her vitality.

We hope you find our work to be free of jargon and dogma. We support all paths that bring more love in the world. Our work is a pathless path, since our intention is to empower you to discover your own truths. We feel your heart is your infinite highway to All-That-Is. That’s why we’re here to help you trust your own heart. So be it!

In Heart,
Kirk & Sandy

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