Book Review of The Seven Sacred Steps by Manda McLeod of the Gaia Network

"In some ways, reading this book was like awakening from a dream."

Over the years I have read many 'spiritually - oriented' books, some of them channeled material, as is this book, The Seven Sacred Steps by Sandy and Kirk.

Having previously studied complex and intellectually stimulating and challenging literature along esoteric lines, it was refreshing to read this book, especially in terms of getting back to basics. It delivers a clear and easily understandable message. One that we all know, but may have just forgotten.

The difference with this book is the way in which it is delivered. I found it informative, yet simple enough for those not so familiar with esoteric concepts to comprehend.

As a race, we seem inept at complicating Universal Truths. We often become so boggled down with the hows and whys that we forget to just simply 'be'. As stated in the book, accessing our God - Self is "not necessarily easy, but it is simple". What a paradox, but then the Universe is full of paradoxes. That's what makes it such an adventure.

In this book, Alana, (described as heart energy, channeled through Sandy), explains in simple, and sometimes humorous ways, how we can access our full potential, rediscover who we truly are, and learn to harness the power of creation and manifestation. In fact, we all have the power within us - in our hearts - and with intent and desire aligned within the heart, all is possible and even probable.

Even though each of the Seven Sacred Steps can be embraced one at a time, they are all intertwined and overlap, so that one goes hand in hand with the other.

It is a book that invites the reader to rediscover their heart center and open themselves up to Love energy. Lightheartedness and the ability to embrace joy rings out in every page. As I was reading it, I was reminded of another channeled message by St. Germaine - "Laughter is the element of transmutation; the elixir that is the all fixer; the lightening of the tightening. There is no such thing as strife - there is only life!"

In some ways, reading this book was like awakening from a dream. I feel we all have the wisdom and knowledge that this book imparts, but some of us have simply forgotten. Reading the book was kind of like a reminder. I definitely had a sense of deja vu as the words rung out like beacons of light, guiding me along the Path.

By Manda McLeod, The Gaia Network

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