The Soul's Relationship with Creativity

"Know that lack came before your eyes so that you can know yourself in an even grander way."

Kirk: I think Jackson has a question for Alana.

Alana: Oh, Grand, Jackson-being.

Jackson: Something that you said earlier really struck me. You were talking about the past, the present, the now, and the future. And you said that our creativity is in the present. That sounded to me like creativity is another word for the soul.

Alana: Yes. Creativity is an expression of your soul, which is also a part of your soul. Creativity comes from the intention of your soul to express itself. Thank you. Wow, what a group, can you feel the vibration in this room?

Kirk: Sure can. Alana, from a practical standpoint, if someone wants to do an exercise on their own for developing a deeper sense of self-love, what would you recommend?

Alana: Okay, let us all think about our feet. Think of your feet as helpers that assist you on a journey. You take one step, and another, and another, are grounded upon this planet and your feet will take you through baby steps towards love; towards self-love.

With each step that you take, acknowledge an aspect of your being for which you are grateful.

  • For example, “I am grateful because I can speak.”
  • Step. “I am grateful because I can feel.”
  • Step. “I am grateful because I can express.”
  • Step. “I am grateful because I like color.”
  • Step. “I am grateful because I can know.”
  • Step. “I am grateful because I have love.”
  • Step. “I am grateful because I have friends.”
  • Step. “I am grateful because I have good food.”
  • Step. “I am grateful because I can breathe.”
  • Step. “I am grateful because I enjoy walking with nature.”

As you begin to know yourself, you become more and more grounded in your step, in your walk, and in knowing of who you truly are. Visualize this. How can you love another if you have no self to love? Do you see? How can you love another, and how can another love you, if you do not know yourself? So practice your walk, and walk your talk. Ground into your feet...into the planet.

Mother Earth is here to assist you. Earth is an incredible vibration that wishes to co-create with you and bring manifestation of joy. Ground gratefulness into your being so when another person mirrors lack or scarcity to you, the steps you have taken on your journey will lead you to know that lack is only placed in front of you so that you can turn towards what is true. Know that you are a significant, beautiful being full of benevolence. Know that you are full of your own individual light essence. Know that lack came before your eyes so that you can know yourself in an even grander way.

Can you walk and with each step acknowledge something you are grateful for? As you are taking your steps, you might say to yourself, “I feel pain.” When taking the next step you may say, “I feel sorrow.” And in the next you might say, “I feel sad.” Then you could say, “Thank you, step. Because of you I can feel.” Can you imagine if you were created without the gift of feeling? It would be a pretty dull, boring life, you know. Have gratefulness for your feelings because this is part of your formula that allows you to manifest. Thank your feelings. You are beautiful.

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