What If? A Journey to Self-Love

"Desire for love begins first with self-love"

Alana: First, dear one, there is an awareness that acts as a tool to help us in times like this, and we develop this tool from taking time to delicately nurture our being. When we go back to the deep examination of self-love, and have an incredible love affair with ourselves, it begins to make us stronger. When you experience contrast of a grand nature, and that contrast pulls in the many experiences of the past that have led to disappointment, your being then has greater perception. You are able to sort what is true about you from what is not truly about you. Let’s explain this a bit further.

What I am referring to is this. A greater percentage of your energy becomes firmly grounded in knowing your essence purely. The portion that is grounded will become the glue that will allow you to receive the deep messages—the gemstones and the treasures that lay within your dilemma. Pain and anger are wonderful because they lead us to the next heart step that we will soon discuss. Your question leads us to what we shall talk about next.

Desire for love begins first with self-love. When Alana feels all of your minds thinking of self-love, Alana feels some confusion. This is because collectively we are not familiar with experiencing ourselves. We are so used to experiencing who we are through our interpretation of others and others’ reactions to us. The more we truly honor our individuality—that which allows us to thrive—the more we will find that we are at ease with all of our parts and all of the memories that have been stored in these parts from our many lives, which are still within our nature.

When we love ourselves by knowing our vibration, we will be grounded and we will be centered. We will have a greater percentage of our vibration spinning with the benevolence of the universe than we will have separated from it. It is separation that causes your pain. It is the belief that we are separate that gives us the information that tells us our vibration is disassociated from the pure benevolence found in the vibration of All-That-Is. But, dear one, separation is illusion. It is an illusion that we hold onto and reinforce consistently.

Just hold this in your being for a moment, dear Susan-being. It may still, at this moment, feel unrealistic. It may still, at this moment, appear as impossibility. Just play with asking yourself, “What if...?” You can ask, “What if I could have the deepest love for myself, and that love would completely fill me to my brim? Then perhaps I would mirror this back in my relationships with others.” So just make this a “what if ” for now. Okay?

Susan: Okay.

Alana: Thank you for your delightful question.

Susan: You’re welcome! Thank you, Alana.

Alana: Your question has so much to do with our topic today.

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